Monday, February 8, 2016


Dear Mom & Prim,

     So far it has been really dramatic here. I have met at lady that I just didn't like what she said about the the team last year that was there. The ladies name was trinket and said that at least me and Peeta had manors, so to make her mad I ate with my hands just like the team from last year. I also have this really crazy mentor that gets really drunk and he punched Peeta in the face. Also they give us a good amount of food and let me wear whatever I want, there is a lot of clothes in my closet. I found it surprising how I had two unexpected visitors. It was the baker which is Peeta's father and I thought to myself "After all, I'll be trying to kill his son soon." He also gave me some cookies as a gift. Then an another guest visited me which was Madge. Madge gave me a pin since I would be able to wear something from my district to the arena and it was the pin that she was wearing earlier. So how's Prim? I hope she's doing good. Tell her that I'm doing good and that I really miss her! I hope you're taking care of Prim. Don't leave Prim alone and she can not take any Tessarae


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